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We are a Colorado couple looking to adopt an infant. We are open to many adoption situations whether it be open, semi-open, or closed. We believe adoption is a benefit to families on both sides and is a wonderful expression of love.

 As Christians, we are all adopted into the family of God. Genetics should have no bearing on the love parents have for their children. People often ask us, “At what age would you tell your children they were adopted?” Our answer has always been, “if they are old enough to ask, it is too late to tell them.” We plan to have books about adoption and make adoption a part of our family story from the beginning. We hope this will include ongoing contact with our children’s birthparents.

We are working with agencies in Colorado and Florida. We are also open to finding a child to adopt through this website.

Colorado Couple hoping to adopt

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Couple hoping to adopt

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 We are a loving couple looking to grow our family through adoption.

Colorado couple waiting to adopt a baby through adoption Jared and Rebecca from Colorado waiting to adopt an infant on Instagram